Microspia audio GSM 2G

GSM 2G Audio Bug

Extremely small size GSM/2G bug with MEMS technology quality microphone. Can be powered by battery or direct current. Supplied with a power supply.

Price: € 350,00



Strongly miniaturized GSM bug with good audio quality, thanks to the microphone with MEMS technology.

Supplied with a power supply at choice of 220 [V] for residential current or 12 [V] for vehicles. Can also be powered by power bank.

The bug has connector and accessories so that it can be adapted to the power supply available in the target environments.

For use, simply call the number of the SIM inserted in the bug after setting the Controller Number with an SMS message.

Call function on exceeding noise threshold.

  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 [MHz]
  • Power supply 240 [V] AC, 5 [V] DC
  • Dimensions 22x13x4 [mm]
  • Weight 7 [g]
  • Nano SIM card slot
  • 220 [V] to 5 [V]* current transformer.
  • Automotive current transformer from 12 [V] to 5 [V]*.
  • Power bank with capacity of your choice (optional)
  • Smartphone with pre-installed call recorder (optional)

* One to choose between the two versions

  • GSM bug
  • Transformer for 220 [V] current or 12 [V] direct current.
  • Users Manual