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Misuse of some products, services, and software may in particular result in violation of Italian law: Law April 8, 1974, no. 98 “Protection of Confidentiality and Freedom and Secrecy of Communications,” Articles 615a, 617 and 617a, and the Law Dec. 31, 1996, no. 675 “Protection of Persons and Other Subjects With Respect to the Processing of Personal Data.”

It is the User’s responsibility to check the law regulations and to comply with all applicable laws. If in doubt, it is the User’s responsibility to consult an attorney before purchasing, installing, and using products and services and before downloading, installing, and using software, particularly to comply with the legality regarding how the User intends to use such products, services, and software.

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Sale Terms

Due to the nature of the products and services for which they are intended, it is not possible to ensure the right of return for some of them. Once used, some products cannot be sold to other Users. It is therefore not possible to withdraw from the purchase. Extra Large Srl reserves the unquestionable right of sale of Services and Products.

Conditions of Transport – Importing

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