Extra Large Srl
Via Costa del Bello 65
47899 Serravalle
Repubblica di San Marino

COE 06947
Business Registering 1561
e-commerce Authorization 5339 dated 12/21/2017
MePA Enablement

Sole Director
Luigi Camporesi

Who We Are

Extra Large is an independent company involved in the fields of Security, Surveillance & Counter-surveillance and Intelligence Support Systems for almost two decades, constantly looking for the most innovative, decisive, reliable and affordable solutions.

What We Do

Security Systems

We work with companies that have stood the test of time, selected also through independent study and research. We constantly monitor the market offer and collaborate with those we consider to be the best manufacturers and suppliers. We develop some in-house solutions.

Intelligence Support Systems

We partner with companies with the most advanced and cost-effective products and services. We demonstrate products at customer sites and participate in project implementation. We develop some accessory parts in-house.

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

We develop some solutions, integrate systems, and market only what has been tested and approved internally.

Value Chain

We support the customer in the entire process of information acquisition, functionality tests, customization, purchase, learning, use and maintenance of the systems. By working closely with customers on a global basis, we participate in building and operation start up of systems that are innovative, reliable, cost-effective and durable.