Audio Micro Recorder 15 Days Battery Duration

Easy-to-use audio mini recorder, with long recording time and magnetic attachment (integrated magnet).

Price: $350.00


Product Code: PMIREAU005


Voice recorder with small dimensions (54.5×40.5×19 [mm]) and long recording duration. [mm] Records continuously around the clock for approximately 15 days (up to 400 hours).. Captures voices up to ten meters away (distance varies according to background noise).

[GB]Recording on 64 [GB] MicroSD memory, if connected to a power outlet with a mobile phone charger, it can record for 30 days continuously on the twenty-four hours. On request also available with 128 GB MicroSD card for continuous recordings up to 60 days

Audio files download with supplied USB cable and connection to a Windows PC Also connectable to Android smartphones with OTG protocol.

Suitable for in-car recording and general use as an audio bug. It has the voice activated recording (VOX) function

  • Continuous recording h24 for about 15 days (up to 400 hours)
  • Built-in magnetic attachment
  • Records voices up to about 10 meters away (depending on background noise)
  • On/Off switch for quick start recording
  • On/Off switch for voice activation (VOX)
  • Automatic saving of files under power shortage
  • Battery recharge time about 4 hours
  • Silent and invisible once hidden (specific configuration is required for absolute invisibility of the LED)
  • Automatic background noise reduction
  • Integrated magnet for attachment to steel surfaces
  • Compatible with Windows and Android operating systems (OTG)
  • LED indicators for charging, start and stop of recording
  • Recorded files lasting one hour each, named with the year, day and time of recording
  • MicroSD memory 64 [GB] [GB] expandable to 128 [GB] [GB]
  • Connection to Android smartphones with OTG protocol
  • Lithium-ion battery 2400 [mAh] [mAh]
  • Voice activation with 40 [dB] threshold [dB]
  • Time synchronization with PC Windows
  • Files recorded in waw format
  • Sampling frequency 16 [KHz] [KHz]
  • Sampling 32-bit
  • Micro USB connector
  • Dimensions 54.5×40.5×19 [mm] [mm]
  • Weight 60 [g]
  • Recorder with MicroSd 64 [GB] [GB]
  • USB cable
  • Users Manual
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