Rilevare un trojan nei cellulari Android e iOS

Anti Trojan System for Android and iOS Smartphones (iPhones)

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Anti Trojan System for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems (Apple iPhone, iPad). The System detects Trojan infections and suggests remedy actions.

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Code: PSATRAO001


The System prevents, detects and supports users for actions to defend against Malware and Trojan attacks on Android and Apple smartphones. It can also detect attacks carried through zero-day flaws (unknown vulnerabilities) in the operating system, network connections and Apps. It continuosly monitors the operating system, connections, and Apps for anomalous events, using various techniques, including behavioral analysis and Machine Learning.


The System is also effective against Phishing attacks. The AI engine has been developed over a decade and has been trained to automatically recognize abnormal behavior through the submission of billions of data. By analyzing slight deviations in operating system statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, the System can accurately identify not only the specific type of attack, but also associated forensic data.


To use the System, the user installs an application on the smartphone and activates the user license. The application provides automatic scanning and notification of events dangerous to the integrity of the smartphone, suggesting the necessary actions. User’s private data are not processed by the application, in compliance with privacy and GDPR.


The System was recently tested by a German company that specializes in evaluating intrusion detection systems, demonstrating effectiveness in recognizing unknown attacks greater than 99% on Android smartphones online and over 98% when offline. The software development company was founded by a former Israeli army researcher. In the U.S. the Department of Defense (DoD) through the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Defense Innovation Unit selected the System for the protection of its personnel serving around the world.


The System enables CISOs – Chief Information Security Officers – to make corporate and private smartphones in BYOD model – Bring Your Own Device – compliant with the GDPR. The System does not collect Personally Identifiable Information and thus allows GDPR compliance to be extended to smartphones.

System with Machine Learning
Detects real-time attacks on the operating system, through networks, phishing, and Apps.


Protection Against Phishing
Protects against social media messages and email attacks.



Helps keeping devices that connect to public and open networks secure.


Device Security
Informs users if their device settings increase risks.


Device Compromising
Informs users if their smartphones have been compromised and how to take remedy actions.


Advanced App Analysis

The System detects any risk posed by Apps to the security of the user.


Android App Auto Scan
Allows any App to be scanned at any time to ensure user security.


Support for Android and iOS
Covers security for both Andrid and iOS operating systems.


Privacy Oriented Security
No personally identifiable data or information is collected by the System.

The System is exempt from restrictions on sale in the territory of the European Union. Due to the sensitivity of some possible usage scenarios, Extra Large Srl reserves the right to refuse orders.