Installazione da remoto di software spia per cellulari Android. Spy software remote installation for Android smartphones.

Android Spy Software Remote Installation Service

Remote support service for Spy Software installation on Android cell phones. Including quarterly, semi-annual or annual software license.

Price: € 500.00/700.00/900.00 (3/6/12 months license respectively)



Remote assistance to Customers for installing Spy Software on Android cell phones.

In newer operating systems, from Android 10 onward, the simple installation of the spy application (apk) is not sufficient to ensure that the software works properly and is safe from uninstallation due to Google or cell phone manufacturer security systems.

The remote support service follows the customer through the installation to perform all operations on the cell phone to ensure full functionality.

Thus, there will be no visible icons in the main menu, no ongoing microphone and camera use icons, and it will be possible to activate microphone and camera even with the display of the cell phone in use, without anything being displayed.

GPS will be activated when needed even if disabled by the user. Google Play Protect will not be able to uninstall the spy software.

To use the service, the Customer should have a Windows PC or MAC connected to the Internet.

For information

Tel. +3780549955021

Cell. 3357347282


For detailed description of the functions available with the spy software, see Android Spy Software Functions

  • Calls Recording
  • Call Log
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Phone Book
  • Cellphone Display in Real Real Time
  • Display Real-Time Screenshots
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Real-Time GPS Single Point
  • Real-Time Ambient Audio (VoIP)
  • Real-Time Ambient Audio (Recorder Activation)
  • Real-Time Audio/Video
  • Real-Time Video
  • Camera Selection for Real-Time Video
  • Single Photo Shoot
  • Single Photo Shot Camera Selection
  • Real-Time File System (system folders)
  • Download Files (from folders) in Real Time
  • Ambient Audio Recording Programming
  • Photo Shooting Programming
  • Camera Selection for Scheduled Photo Shooting
  • Display Screenshot Programming
  • GPS Tracking with Selected Time Interval
  • Route Tracking on GPS Points
  • Geofence
  • Shooting Photos on Wrong PIN Insertion
  • Smartphone Search with Anonymous Ringing
  • Alarm with System Audio Message
  • Calling from Smartphone (remote number dialing)
  • Factory Data Reset (formatting)
  • Remote Software Deactivation
  • Photos
  • Browser Activity
  • Blocking Site Navigation
  • Copied text (copy-paste)
  • Keylogger
  • WhatsApp Text Messages
  • WhatsApp Audio Messages
  • WhatsApp Call Log
  • WhatsApp Call Recording
  • WhatsApp Files
  • Facebook Messenger Text Messages
  • Facebook Messenger Call Log
  • Recording Facebook Messenger Calls
  • Facebook Messenger Files
  • Signal Text Messages
  • Signal Call Log
  • Signal Call Recording
  • Telegram Text Messages
  • Telegram Call Log
  • Telegram Registration
  • Telegram Files
  • Viber Text Messages
  • Line Text Messages
  • Hike Text Messages
  • Kik Text Messages
  • Skype Text Messages
  • Hangout Text Messages
  • Instagram Text Messages
  • Zalo Text Messages
  • Snapchat Text Messages
  • Tinder Text Messages
  • Imo Text Messages
  • WeChat Text Messages
  • Kakoa Text Messages
  • Health Text Messages
  • Beep Text Messages
  • Botim Text Messages
  • Tiktok Text Messages
  • VK Text Messages
  • Youtube Text Messages
  • Activity Applications
  • Installed Applications
  • Application Blocking
  • Application Monitoring by Recording Videos
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Wi-Fi Connections
  • Sending Commands from Web Panel
  • Sending SMS Commands
  • Battery Status
  • Edit Settings
  • Online Update
  • Cellphone preparation
  • PC preparation
  • Software Installation support
  • Support for performing additional operations on the cell phone
  • Testing
  • Cleaning installation traces
  • Software license (quarterly, semi-annual or annual)
  • Delivery User’s Manual
  • Introduction to the use of the Control Panel
  • Technical Assistance

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